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Get Free Music for Videos: Top Resources and Strategies for Enhancing Your Content

Music is a critical part of a video as it helps enhance the content and set the tone. Adding music to videos, including short films, Youtube vlogs, social media reels, and other fun videos, is a perfect way to present your content. However, finding high-quality, authorized music for your clips can take time and effort, particularly when a tight budget is involved.

The Roles of Music in Videos

If you want to understand the functions of music in videos, recall the “silent era” of films. Films delivered their stories without dialogue, eliciting excitement, enthusiasm, and sadness through music during this time. Films had soundtracks, while others used orchestras to set the atmosphere during live cinemas.

· Making Your Content More Dynamic and Interesting

Adding background music to your videos generates the aural interest necessary for capturing and engaging your audience’s attention. This encourages them to continue watching your videos, which helps deliver your message. Background music can also serve as a source of humor. For instance, you can use an upbeat piece of music to indicate the punchline of a joke.

· Enhancing Your Videos’ Quality

Using videos helps in enhancing their cohesiveness and production value. Viewers are usually attracted by professional videos that are well-made and flow beautifully. Adding music allows you to shift ideas and scenes in your videos smoothly. The background music also serves as a perfect way to fill silent moments in videos.

· Provoking Emotions

Videos usually relay their messages both visually and audibly. Music adds romance, beauty, excitement, and dynamism to moving images that create a video. Music experts suggest that paying attention to the volume, tempo, harmony, and choice of the musical instrument when making a video is crucial. These help you create a video that attracts more views, especially in regard to advertisements.

· Relaying Effective Messages

When selecting the right music for your video, one should think not only like an advertising agency but also as a person in the music industry. This is an effective strategy for exciting your audience. For instance, rather than adding typical songs to your videos, consider using creative music interventions. You should consider including spoken words or composing songs to emphasize your message. Adding music to a video is also an effective way of creating humor, adding surprises, and stimulating action.

· Creating Memories

Apart from following your corporate structure, your choice of music should be recognizable. This strategy aims to make your customer and prospects think about your brand when a specific tune plays. You can also consider partnering with popular artists to use their songs for audio branding.

· Defining Your Identity

Soundtracks can define your identity as a brand. The type of music that you choose should attract your target audience. Typically, every age group has different preferences when it comes to music.

Tips to Consider When Choosing Music for Your Videos

Music has various elements that one needs to consider when creating videos. Pay attention to them to maintain your video quality and avoid facing infringement allegations that can negatively affect your brand’s reputation. The following tips can help you when choosing the right music for your videos:

· Check the Music’s Copyright Restrictions

It is essential to check for copyright restrictions when choosing music for your videos, including those you intend to upload on YouTube. Although some sites provide free music for personal use, it may not be so for commercial videos. Since copyright laws are complex, one must understand music usage limitations. Using music without copyright is a perfect way to avoid legal issues. If you are planning to start creating YouTube Videos, you can use online resources to learn how to get copyright-free music for YouTube videos.

· Consider Royalty-Free Music

Copyright issues are a significant concern when it comes to music. Fortunately, royalty-free music can relieve you of this hassle since it is available for commercial use. Using royalty-free or no-copyright music is ideal for starters, particularly for those intending to upload their videos on YouTube. Purchasing a license for commercial usage is unnecessary in this case.

· Use Free Music Resources

Wondering how to get free music for YouTube videos? This matter is a major issue for content creators. Several online platforms offer free music, including copyright-free music instrumental and no-copyright background music. For example, the YouTube Audio Library has different types of music that people can use in their videos as long as they give proper credit. Other sites offering complimentary music and free beats include ccMixter, Free Music Archive, incompetech, and Musopen.

· Read the Terms and Conditions

Ensure you read the terms and conditions before using music on your videos. Different music resources have their own restrictions. For instance, some platforms prohibit users from individual monetization of YouTube videos.

· Give Proper Credit

One should properly credit the composer or artist when using their music on various online platforms, including YouTube. In the video description, you can add a link that directs viewers to the artist’s social media page or website. It is a perfect way of acknowledging their work and supporting them.

· Use High-Quality Music

Your choice of music should be high-quality to match the style and tone of your videos. Poorly made pieces can affect your videos’ overall quality, resulting in them not delivering the intended impact. Your choice of music should be well-mixed, have good production values, and produce a dynamic and clear sound.

· Understand the Limitations

Music clips usually have restrictions on usage. For instance, free music may have limitations for YouTube uploads. These restrictions include allowing people to use the tune for non-commercial purposes only or having to acknowledge the original artist.

· Be Creative

If you want your videos to stand out from others, use music visuals that are creative, eye-catching, and engaging. This move ensures that your videos achieve their intended purpose.

Best Websites for Background Music for Videos

After starting a channel, most people don’t know where to get free music for YouTube videos, especially if they are on a budget. Fortunately, many sites have a wide range of music for users. People typically create videos for different purposes, including advertising products and services. When selecting your tunes, ensure the final output works best according to your budget, project scope, and business goals. The following are reputable websites for background music to consider:

· Epidemic Sound

This is one of the best places to get free music for YouTube videos. The platform has over 35,000 tracks which are updated weekly. Epidemic Sound allows users to search music based on genres, lengths, moods, vocals, and tempos. Aside from convenience, this ensures users get the perfect match for their videos. Epidemic Sound consolidates all the legal rights required into a single license that works on all social media platforms.

· YouTube Audio Library

This platform has over 150,000 free tracks and serves content creators with YouTube channels. It also has superb search abilities, including filtering songs based on their download rate. YouTube Audio Library is one of the best places to get free music for YouTube videos.

· AudioJungle

AudioJungle is a product of Envato Market, a universal digital platform that allows people to share and sell innovative things such as background music. This platform guarantees high-quality music for your videos since the uploaded tracks must meet specific functionality standards and quality. Additionally, the platform also has over 1.8 million royalty-free tracks.

· Storyblocks

If you intend to make social media videos, consider visiting the Storyblocks website. Apart from allowing users to search music based on instrument, mood, and genre, it also allows searching by duration.

· Free Music Archive

Are you looking for a place to get free music for videos? The Free Music Archive hosts over 150,000 tracks from global songwriters and singers in its library. The website has a FAQ that outlines attribution obligations for Creative Common licenses. Although the Free Music Archive offers free background music for videos, attribution is necessary for Creative Common licenses.

· Jamendo Music

Jamendo has seven distinct search filters, making accessing its diverse catalog of over 250,000 tracks easy. Apart from single tracks, the platform provides an in-store background song bundle with 27 ad-free playlists. When using this resource, consider checking their recommendations for different businesses.

· SoundCloud

This resource outshines other platforms in terms of capacity. SoundCloud has over 265 million tracks from global songwriters and composers; hence you are guaranteed to find the appropriate music for your video. Moreover, the company uses “fan-powered loyalties” to support independent creators, whereby the artist makes money based on the number of times their music is played. Since many tracks from this platform are copyright-protected, pay attention when downloading music.

· Freeplay Music

Freeplay Music has more than 50,000 free tracks for non-commercial purposes, making the platform a perfect choice for personal and educational content. This platform has different pricing tiers based on where someone intends to use the content.

· Bensound

Interestingly, an artist, Benjamin Tissot, is responsible for creating, uploading, and managing all tracks in Bensound. The music is suitable for various videos, including animations, documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos. Bensound has different types of songs and an easy-search feature.

· Dig.ccMixter

This platform is ideal for marketers who want breathtaking music for their videos since it offers original content from over 45,000 global artists. Moreover, the site provides free Creative Common tracks, as long as they are correctly attributed.

· Beatpick

Beatpick is the music source for popular brands such as Samsung, 20th Century Studios, and Puma. Since much content found on this site is perfect for video games and filmmaking, the platform is ideal for finding cinematic music. The platform has user-friendly features that help users save their music and automatically determine a price based on the intended purpose of the music. Beatpick also allows people to search for music based on language, which is helpful for universal brands.

· Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions has a music collection that focuses entirely on instrumental tracks, making it an ideal site for finding background audio. The platform also has several undertone sound effects in its music catalog, which are suitable for background music.

Benefits of Using Royalty-Free Music for Videos

Are you wondering how to get free music for video editing? One of the solutions is to consider using royalty-free music. It is an effective strategy, especially for content creators. The following are benefits attributed to using royalty-free music:

· Time Savings

Royalty-free music websites usually have features that make them easy to navigate. Such elements include an advanced search engine that enables users to customize their searches accurately, saving them time. Good platforms allow users to filter tracks according to mood, usage purpose, type of instrument used, and genre.

· Cost-Effectiveness

Besides saving time, purchasing royalty-free music is more profitable than partnering with artists and musicians. It’s how many video creators work with a tight budget.

· Reusability

One of the things you should know about royalty-free music is that the music is usually distributed under licenses. Royalty-free music saves you the hassle of lengthy negotiations with producers, music composers, and production labels.

Stipulations of some licenses allow users to purchase many songs and reuse them multiple times. However, some only allow users to buy and use a track once, which is ideal for people who don’t intend to create videos in the future.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right background music when creating videos is crucial, especially regarding videos used for business purposes. Using videos is a perfect way to deliver your message, whether to express yourself or advertise a product. Although visuals are the main focus of videos, adding music makes them more engaging. Using uncopyrighted music (or songs without copyright) is a perfect way to reduce your budget, especially for starters.

Mastering the art of adding background music helps make your videos seem more expressive, appealing, and professional to viewers. Engaging videos usually attract more views on various platforms, including social media and YouTube. Since all this work can be hectic, you should consider seeking services from professional video editors. Ensuring quality is an essential element, especially for commercial videos. At platforms such as BeCreatives, you enjoy professional video editing services that meet your expectations.

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