4 things to do before making a video

To create an outstanding video - you need to break the rules. But to do so... you need to know the rules, to begin with!

1. IDEA.

Have you determined what type of video you are going to make? Does your audience want to see this type of content? What is the main goal of your video?⁠


Does your video have an engaging hook? Are any of the topics (dream/problem/pain/end result/fear/promise) presented at the beginning of the video? Is your video as short as it can be and does it bring enough value? Does our video have a short and concrete CTA (just one!!!)?⁠


Position your camera exactly at the eye/object level. Adjust the light exposure on the camera. Film a short test video and preview it on a big screen to check if you are satisfied with the result. Place the object in front of the window if possible. If the natural light is at the side control it with a whiteboard. This will help to avoid shadows and brighten up the shot. If you use artificial light ( let say a ring light) place it at a 30-45 degree angle in front of yourselves or your object. ⁠


Is there anything else you should add to your video to boost viewer engagement? Think of a b-roll you might be able to record yourself or find on stock footage sites, any related media, screen-recordings, photos. Always remember – share your vision with the editor. Be as detailed as possible if you don’t want to waste time on re-edits.⁠

These rules are great guidelines to start with. Know it by heart and soon you’ll be able to start experimenting with your creativity!⁠ ????

What would be your GOLDEN rule when filming a video? Maybe you try to batch record them? Or be as spontaneous as possible? Maybe you only feel comfortable filming yourself?⁠

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