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Do you think that work and life balance, an international team of extremely creative individuals, and being appreciated at your workplace cannot coexist? We are here to prove you wrong and invite you to join us on this joyful journey!

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Editor thoughts

What is a better way to find out about the workplace’s internal vibes than from your potential colleagues?


Working in beCreatives provides stability and always challenges me to learn new things and progress as a professional in this industry. The whole team is very friendly and goal-oriented

- Eitautas


It's not even work for me, it's an experience, it's a part of my life!

- Aiste Duseviciute


beCreatives is like a gang of guardian angels, every editor has its own unique character, but what unites us is - our willingness to help (and video editing skills 😉 ). Teams chat zone is better than Google sometimes. Here with beCreatives I feel safe and encouraged to develop my own editing skills and push my creativity limits!

- Gabriele J


I would describe beCreatives as a young company full of driven, creative and unique people. I love the values that the company stands by as they align with the values that I have. Work-life balance, freedom within your schedule, and opportunities to grow creatively and professionally. I’d say that mental health matters and you can feel that it does for the people that work here - that’s really important to me. There is no fear of making mistakes and just being human. Being a part of this company makes me super proud and excited, as I get to meet interesting new people who inspire me with their lifestyles. I wish for everyone to feel so at home in their workplace, it’s a wonderful thing to have.

- Ieva B


beCreatives is a platform where the art of video editing is made, connecting entrepreneurs and companies with artists. Endless opportunities and skill sharing for both parties make beCreatives more personal and unique. Each project completed here has an individual approach due to the close relationship between the editor and the client. And this is the most significant difference from other agencies, where the editor cannot exceed strict limits. As a part of beCreatives, I feel the freedom in creativity, allowing me to work with a smile. A close-knit team in this agency helps one grow and learn something new as a professional video editor daily. The work here proceeds smoothly and without worries, as any problems that arise in the process are resolved quickly with the help of a large team.

- Ruslan


BeCreatives is a great example how a bunch of very different individuals can come together, work together and create amazing things together. For me, it’s a place where people I met help me grow as an individual and as a professional every day. Pure hearts, free spirits and true camaraderie!

- Skirmantas


I would say that beCreatives are the most down to earth people and working here literally feels like you are a part of something great. It feels that your knowledge and ideas matter and you will always be heard.

- Simonas


beCreatives is totally like The Creativeland! Why? Because I have never seen THAT MANY positive, creative, talented, funny and crazy people in one place! I bet you too! I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to be part of this family.

- Jovile


We work hard and party harder! Did someone say ‘karaoke and dancing’? Count us in!

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