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"Aperture", "ISO", "White Balance"... sounds daunting? We've stripped all the techy-talk. Dive into simple, actionable steps.

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This helped me get some perspective on the importance of my scripts, the importance of lighting, the importance of what the editing team can do.


I have to admit, I was skeptical when I enrolled, but the simple solutions you provided for everyday phone filming issues are gold. Never thought I’d find a way around my phone’s storage problems. Your course is worth every penny!


Can’t believe the entire thing is just 30 minutes. Straight to the point, no fluff. My kind of learning!


There were definitely a lot of little details and a lot of little nuances that you could just tell whether it was from a lighting perspective or from an audio perspective. Things to do. Things not to do. Definitely very knowledgeable.


Mykolas was super helpful with sharing how I can make my content better, so engage with people. There’s just a lot of stuff here that I’m really excited to apply to short form content.


Thought good video meant hours of learning. Nah, 30 mins and I was on my way. Best quick-fix ever!


There’s a lot of things about the deal that I didn’t know that I know now. I think if you are just getting into creating video content, you learn a lot about how to kind of set this up to kind of make yourself do well, right? I feel energetic. I feel like I can do it.


Honestly, I spent more on takeout. Now my videos are slaying for just 30 bucks! Grab it before the price hike!


OMG, Mykolas! That tip about the app for easy footage transfer? Total game-changer! No more emailing clips to myself or waiting forever to download from the cloud.

Set Your Video Content Apart

"Filmed with Phone" is not just another video course. It's your roadmap to creating scroll-stopping content that resonates, engages, and amplifies your message.

Dive in to discover the untapped potential of your smartphone, learn the secrets to crafting compelling stories, and watch your engagement metrics skyrocket.

Featured by Justin Schuman

Bringing out the authentic you – with a little help from Justin Schuman.

Justin Schuman is a Broadway Performer, Authenticity Strategist, Personal Brand Builder and a Human Creative Director who helps people achieve their hidden talent of performing in front of an audience.

Go from scrollers to stoppers

Create content that stops users in their scroll, making them hit like, comment, and share.


  • Learn the differences between phones and professional cameras.
  • Advantages and disadvantages.
  • When to use what.
  • Extra camera recommendations with links.
  • A detailed walkthrough of phone settings so that you can get the perfect shot every time.
  • Different filming modes and when to use them.
  • Common settings mistakes and what to avoid.
  • A short test task to get familiar with controls.
  • How to fix phone shortcomings.
  • Solutions for limited battery life.
  • How to work around storage limitations.
  • How to deal with overheating.
  • File transferring.
  • Equipment recommendations with links.
    How to see yourself while filming with the back camera.
  • A guide on aspect ratios.
  • Filming equipment recommendations with links.
  • How to repurpose your content.
  • Main framing rules to get the video looking perfect every time.
  • Tricks for easier framing.
  • A guide on the rule of thirds.
  • A short test task to nail the framing of yourself down.
  • How lighting affects how you look.
  • A guide to the 3-point lighting system.
  • A guide on color temperatures.
  • Lighting and stands recommendations with links.
  • A short test task to learn the 3-point lighting system.
  • How bad audio affects your video performance.
  • Differences between different microphones and when to use them.
  • Sound equipment recommendations with links.
  • Sound recording settings for PC and recorder.
  • A short test task to check how you will sound with the new setup.
  • The importance of the background.
  • When to choose what background.
  • Lighting tips.
  • Green screen lighting guide and setup.
  • A short test task to set your first background.
  • What to avoid when shooting outside.
  • How to use the sun to your advantage.
  • Camera stabilizers.
  • Recording audio outdoors.
  • Equipment recommendations with links.
  • A short test task to experiment with filming outdoors.


Delve deep inside yourself to understand what stops you from being yourself on camera and how to change that, turning the disadvantages into advantages

  • Why having a dedicated video editor is important.
  • How to work with beCreatives’ editor and system to achieve the best results.
  • Please let me know if you have any further questions or if there are any other corrections needed.

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This Course is for you if:

Want to show your best side

You want to look your best “Got a content creator you’re low-key obsessed with? Let’s get your phone videos match that!

You want to learn fast

You value efficiency and speed. This course will teach you all the essentials of lighting, framing and sound in just over 30 minutes!

You are having hard time

You are a content creator already, but you are having a hard time getting that perfect looking shot.


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Mentor Mykolas

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just starting your content creation journey, this course is a perfect starting point for you. In 30 minutes you will learn all that is needed to create great looking content on all social media platforms. If you want to dig deeper into any lessons of the course, you can always write me an email and I’ll reply with detailed answers.

This course is focused on beginner creators and people who want to improve their video look.

Yes, the techniques tought in this course will work not only for all your social media channels, but also for any videos that you will want to create.

Before starting the course, all you need is your phone. While you go through the course, you will recieve all the necceseray links for other equipment such as sound and lighting. Theres no limit to the course access, so you can always go back and check the graphs and info on how to set up your newly purchased lights and microphone.

This course focuses on filming techniques, so it does not matter what type of lenght or what platform your final video will be.

While this course goes deeper into phone settings and using your phone (because for online content is just as good as a camera) all the lighting, framing and sound techniques tought will apply to any camera too.

There’s no time limit to when you can access this course, so you can always go back and check on some lessons if needed.