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Video Editor contractor (remote GMT-3)

Social media video editing, repurposing old content for different platforms. Managing clients directly, developing video templates.

About Video Editor contractor (remote GMT-3) role

beCreatives is not your typical video editing agency. We work with multiple clients at a time on a subscription-based service, ensuring consistent and high-quality video content daily, monthly, or weekly!

beCreatives is currently seeking a teammate for a remote Full Time Video Editor position, specifically looking for individuals based in Argentina. The Video Editor will collaborate with multiple clients, delivering repurposed or new video content consistently.

We are a fully self-funded company, thus standing by our vision, purpose, values, and goals helps us to provide our services to the masses. We are a truly hard-working creative group of people looking for YOU – a unique, passionate, and driven individual!

A great fit for this specific role is a person:

As we tend to grow, your roles might evolve over time, but here is what we’re expecting today:

  • working with beCreatives  client(-s) on video requests and communicating throughout the editing process
  • be responsive to re-edit phase comments.
  • editing short/quick span videos
  • repurposing and resizing content to different platforms
  • resizing videos to fit different platforms
  • the primary focus of our videos is the retention rate, thus creating visual hooks within the first 3s is highly important
  • we expect you to edit a video in 2-4h after you get familiar with the style and needs of your client

Key Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • with at least 2 years of relevant experience in video editing
  • who is proficient in English, both written and spoken (fluency is a must)
  • native Spanish speaker
  • into social media and skilled at creating platform-specific content
  • proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • with strong time management skills
  • persistent and extremely goal-oriented
  • capable of acting on actionable feedback


  • flexible contract-based work hours
  • licensed Adobe CC subscription
  • access to job opportunities beyond compare
  • resources for your professional development, including knowledge base access, creativity challenges, free courses, reference books, workshops, and tutorials
  • weekly online team meetings

Video Editor contractor (remote GMT-3)