20 HR Video Ideas: Innovative and Engaging Approaches to Elevate Your Human Resources Content

Is video a good hiring strategy? Are clips an effective way to explain how things work in a company? Won’t people prefer to read some documents instead? Well, according to a study conducted by Wyzowl, 72% of people prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article. This statistic explains the importance of video content, not only for everyday business dealings but specifically for HR messaging.

Since the human resources department has to communicate a lot of information often and repeatedly, doing so with an engaging method is preferable. Imagine how much time the team can save by providing videos for frequently asked questions. That move would reduce frustration and improve productivity for the whole company.

Furthermore, since videos are far more entertaining than text documents, people will sit up and pay attention. Therefore, they’re a much more effective method for recruitment exercises. The company will find it much easier to fill empty positions with qualified talent with better applicants.

With much of the workforce going remote today, promoting a welcoming office environment has become more crucial than ever. Videos are a vital weapon in HR’s toolbox. They can introduce team workers and bring people closer. Imagine managing human resources that span a few countries. In that case, the people working in one office may never meet those stationed in another. Introductory videos bridge the wide gap and foster relationships before teams have a chance to meet in person.

If you’re working in HR, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Luckily, videos will solve many of your problems. You can prepare informative clips and place them on employee portals for easy access. They also fit perfectly on the company website, emails, and communication platforms such as Slack.

20 Example Videos for HR Purposes

Human resources is arguably a company’s most important department. The team is in charge of talent acquisition and retention. It has to ensure everyone works and performs well together. HR is also responsible for development, training, wellness, compensation, benefits, and inclusivity efforts, among others.

All of this is to say that the human resources department has a full list of to-dos to complete every single day. Therefore, they should look into videos to ease their workload and create a better environment for everyone. Videos are engaging and deliver the message quicker than a detailed email. They can cover a range of topics. Here are 20 HR video ideas to start off the brainstorming process!

1.Recruitment Outreach

The HR team in a company that’s looking to expand has a lot of work to do. Competition for talent in this day and age is fierce, to say the least! The human resources department is in charge of posting job advertisements on career portals, social media, and the company’s website. However, with unemployment rates at record lows, finding new staff can prove to be quite the challenge.

How can a firm attract and recruit new workers? Videos are the latest method that is bringing in loads of success. Are you looking for some hiring video ideas? Make your outreach efforts engaging and showcase the company’s culture to fill positions quickly with qualified applicants. If necessary, reach out to your marketing department for an injection of creativity.

2. Congratulatory Announcement

So the filtering and interview processes are complete, and the hiring manager has chosen the right person for the job. Telling someone that they’ve been successful in their job application can be a boring letter or email. Alternatively, you can make things more exciting with a video telling them that you’ve accepted them for a position. That’s one way to make your company stand out.

The video can be as short as 30 seconds. That’s all the time you need to say, “You’re hired!” Make sure it explains the role in question and how to contact you for further information. A call to action is crucial in this congratulatory announcement. Tell the successful applicant that they should respond within a set period.

3. A Warm Welcome

How do you make a recruit excited to come into the office? Consider creating a fun video to welcome new employees to the company. The clip can contain the following details:

· Information on who’s who in the office

· Details on the various departments in the company

· Images from past company events

· The core tools used by most employees

· A message from the CEO

The welcome video will make someone’s first day less intimidating. It will breed excitement and enthusiasm by breaking the ice. Make it as entertaining and informative as possible for a smooth onboarding process. Whether the employee is working remotely or at the office, they’ll appreciate getting a warm introduction.

4. The Mission Statement

As every company has its own mission statement, it needs to have an impact. Help new employees understand the firm’s vision and larger purpose. That way, they’ll join the workforce with rigor and excitement to reach the same goals. However, a text version may not be very engaging.

A well-recorded mission statement video will also attract top candidates to apply for available positions. Aside from disseminating the clip to applicants, the HR team should also ensure it shows up on the company website and all social media profiles. It’s an excellent way to introduce the company’s beliefs to the rest of the world.

5. An Introduction to the Office

There is so much that the human resources department has to do when an employee joins a company. The checklist is long and tedious. As part of the onboarding process, the HR team can send out information to introduce the new hire to the office. Prepare a quick guide to explain the facilities of the workplace. That way, a joining staff member won’t feel so lost when trying to locate the washroom, pantry, meeting rooms, and more.

Alternatively, you can also create a video that explains what goes on in the office. It can be a day-in-a-life clip or an introduction to the culture of the workplace. A concise video will help new hires prepare themselves before they start work. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness!

6. New Hire Introduction

The existing team might feel worried about a new member joining the fold. People are always curious about someone coming in with new ideas and personalities. Give your employees a heads-up so that the first day goes smoothly for everyone, including the latest hire.

Do that with an introductory video that explains what people need to know about this new person. It can be a quick one-minute clip detailing the position, where the employee comes from, their qualifications, past experience, etc. Include a picture so that workers know to greet the incoming staff on their first day and make them feel welcome!

7. Say Hello to the Team

A new hire may feel nervous about their first day. That’s understandable – they’re in an unknown environment with unfamiliar faces around them. Breed familiarity with a video to introduce the team.

You can send it out before the employee’s first day to acquaint them with their future co-workers beforehand. When you do this, the new staff will feel less unsure about the people in the office. All you need to do is compile some brief introductory clips. Keep things informative with a list of responsibilities. You can also lighten the atmosphere with a personal snippet. Icebreakers will create a friendly space for people who have no idea what to expect.

8. A Playable Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are thick and provide detailed guidelines for work behavior. They contain formal language and can be tedious to read from cover to cover. In this day and age, when people’s attention spans are short, how do you make sure they get the crucial information? How about changing things up and moving away from the status quo?

Instead of lengthy printed handbooks, create a series of videos that will help employees get all the information they need. If the clips are engaging, staff will retain the knowledge better, and the company will save on printing costs. Suppose your firm is serious about taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint. Replacing physical books with soft copies and videos will go a long way.

9. A Word About Setting up the Workspace

When an employee starts their new role, they may need help with new programs, logins, and hardware. They may be familiar with standard tools. However, your company may use custom-made software. Help people settle into their positions with clear how-tos to answer the fundamental questions they may have.

What tools do employees frequently use? Create a video for each one, be it Slack, Jira, or Google Drive. Show the staff how to log in and use the crucial functions. At the same time, make sure they’re aware of the dos and don’ts of each platform. The knowledge will save all relevant parties, including managers, HR, and employees, some precious time answering basic queries.

10. Talk to HR

The HR team is always busy handling interviews and onboarding new employees. However, they should always be accessible whenever staff have questions related to their department. Therefore, aside from preparing short and to-the-point videos for frequently asked questions, go the extra step. You can do this with a quick, friendly clip telling staff how to contact the HR team for complex inquiries.

Employees will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to feel lost, especially if they are new to the company. Store the video on every computer, and display a shortcut on the operating system’s desktop for easy access.

11. Core Task Explanations

Every company works differently, with unique processes and tasks for employees to adhere to and complete every day. Help your staff learn what’s required of them so that they can perform to their full potential. Create informative videos that serve as valuable knowledge for new hires as well as refreshers for long-time staff.

The topics you can cover include:

· How to submit a claim

· How to request hardware

· How to apply for childcare leave

You can place these key training clips on the employee portal for everyone to reference them as needed. They’re an excellent time saver for HR staff!

12. Bite-Sized Wellness Tips

Running a company implies trying to get the most out of your human resources. However, your staff needs to learn how to work smart. Burnout is real, and it’s something employees should avoid at all costs. The HR department has a significant role to play here, keeping the staff healthy and productive so that the company thrives. Here’s a point where human resources training videos come into good use!

Get ready for some fun HR video production! Teach the staff how to manage their time properly and maintain a good work-life balance. These micro-training videos are crucial for learning new skills that will help people be better employees. They’ll also be happier in their roles, thereby helping with staff retention.

13. Leadership Skills for Aspiring Managers

Are you searching for employee video ideas that will make people reach for the top? Many workers in your company are capable of performing the tasks you give them. However, if you put them in charge of a team, they start to lose focus and make the wrong moves. Why? That’s because leadership isn’t a natural element in most people. HR can help them develop the soft skills necessary to thrive as a leader.

Human resources can send out a series of videos covering this topic. Staff will enjoy learning what it takes to be an effective manager. Focus on keeping things informative. Everyone will benefit from such clips, from upper-level management to the bottom-tier workforce.

14. HR Policies in a Nutshell

The HR department is always a busy one. Employees must be aware of leave details, healthcare policies, benefits, and more. It’s the job of the human resources team to spread awareness to eliminate any misunderstandings. And what better way to explain things than with quick videos?

Make these explainer clips as engaging as possible by including real-life examples. This way, there will be no room for misinterpretation. Your staff will get clear answers to their burning questions, and HR won’t have to waste time clarifying policies face to face. The human resource management videos can go on the company’s internal portal. Alternatively, send them out via email.

15. Fantastic Work!

Sometimes, you just want to give an employee a sign of encouragement for doing something well. Skip sending emails with the text “Great job!” Instead, change things up a little with a fun kudos video. Again, simplicity reigns here—reserve complexity for core projects.

Akin to a fist bump, the quick kudos is a way to keep people encouraged to do their best. Remind the employee that exciting things lie ahead for those who work hard, and this is just the beginning of what’s to come! The message will drive a strong work ethic, making them better employees in the long run.

16. Recognizing Outstanding Achievement

Did your company just land a major project? Has the sales team reached its yearly target? Or did the firm win a highly coveted industry award? Either way, it’s time to celebrate with a video.

The clip doesn’t have to be overly complex. Keep things simple with fun colors and vibrant animations of fireworks and such.

Looking for a way to bring some friendly competition to work? The HR department can keep things exciting in the office with an internal contest, with prizes given out monthly. The award video will be the cherry on top of the cake for the winner!

17. You’re Getting a Raise!

When you give someone a raise, it’s because they’ve gone above and beyond in their work. Therefore, why don’t you do the same when recognizing their achievements? A salary hike feels good on its own, but when it comes with a congratulatory video, the awesome feeling lives on!

HR can create a generic clip for all employees receiving a raise, but consider customization. In a personalized video, the manager can inform the staff why they deserve the raise. When it comes to an HR motivational video, you won’t go wrong with a personal touch. It will be a nice pat on the back, and the employee can rewatch the video when they need encouragement during tough times.

18. A Show of Appreciation

It’s human nature to want to feel appreciated, and workers are no different. When your employees see that you value their work, they’ll feel more optimistic about the workplace and encouraged to perform. Why should you wait until the end of the quarter or the year to praise their efforts?

A regular show of appreciation will keep the momentum going, and a simple video will make all the difference. Send it out via email or play it in the common area. You can personalize the video for a specific employee or thank a whole department for helping out with a task.

19. A Word From the Execs

The C-suite can seem a tad unapproachable, and there’s no reason that should be the case in your company. Bring people closer at all levels with videos from upper management to announce important company updates. The content can include yearly financial reports or quarterly goals.

A video is an opportunity to be less formal. Employees will appreciate seeing a friendly face, and they’ll probably pay more attention compared to reading a 10-page report. Charisma matters here, so ensure your spokesperson is engaging and doesn’t have the tendency to drone on. The goal is for the presentation to be a memorable one!

20. Time for a Break!

Everyone loves a holiday, and your employees deserve it, too! If the company is hosting a fun event for Christmas, New Year, or any other celebration, turn a boring email invite into an entertaining video. When your clip shows how much fun people can expect, chances are they’re not going to skip the party.

Include some stock footage featuring the activities planned to set the tone. Keep the tone light and fun with a catchy soundtrack.

Alternatively, if it’s just a holiday announcement, show your employees how important it is to spend time with their loved ones. An HR comedy video works well here, too! Everyone will appreciate it!

Producing Effective HR Videos

As someone in HR, you might be asking yourself if you need expensive video recording and editing tools to spread the message. After all, if you’re in charge of recruiting talent that will probably change the course of things and bring the company to new heights, the pressure is on!

Let’s be clear; anyone can record videos and post them on social media. However, you want to portray an air of professionalism. You may be able to get by with your smartphone as recording equipment. But when it comes to video editing, you shouldn’t hesitate to go to the experts.

Start by checking out the services of BeCreatives, a leading video editing firm. Obtaining well-edited HR videos through the platform is easy. Everything happens online, from the uploading of raw footage to communication with the project manager.

Moreover, the company provides same-day turnarounds in its Pro subscription for a reasonable price of $1,799 per month. The Scale package, on the other hand, delivers videos within three days for $809 monthly. Both of the pricing tiers come with unlimited orders and revisions, and that’s hard to beat!

Does cost matter when you’re choosing a video editing service provider? Of course! However, that shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. The company should, first and foremost, be able to understand what results you’re looking for. An HR video that is funny may not be suitable for you if you’re trying to recruit a CFO, for example.

So, as an HR professional, do you have a vision for your department’s video content? Are you looking for a team to turn your raw footage into beautiful clips that will drive productivity and make your company the most attractive place for the best talent in the country and beyond? If so, it’s time to get in touch with a video editing company with a good track record.

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