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Transforming Yards and Videos: How beCreatives Amped Up The Blessing Boys' YouTube Success

The Blessing Boys is a YouTube channel that focuses on Justin and his children helping people in need with doing landscaping work. These amazing videos are watched by millions of people every week.

1 editor

150+ days together

40+ YouTube videos released

Justin Knoop



Justin Knoop, the creative force behind the YouTube channel “The Blessing Boys,” embarked on a journey to capture and share transformative yard makeovers for those in need within his community. Initially, Justin managed to work with just freelance editors, but he faced challenges with reliability and consistency. His need for a dependable editing solution grew as he aimed to maintain regular content posting, especially when working under YouTube content sponsor deadlines.

” was looking for someone to be reliable. I really, really found that with beCreatives!”

This search for reliability and efficient communication led Justin to beCreatives, where he hoped to find a service that could deliver on time and meet his specific content needs.

Justin’s initial doubts about beCreatives were quickly dispelled when the first video he received perfectly aligned with his vision, requiring no revisions.

I really appreciate his work and what he and his kids do to the community. Just go and watch a video of his work, I am sure you will lose the sense of time while watching.


Editor at


Since partnering with beCreatives and utilizing their pro plan, The Blessing Boys have created over 40 YouTube videos, growing his channel by at least 100k subscribers.  Justin has found the reliability and direct communication with the editor he was seeking. He values the consistent quality of editing, even when his primary editor is unavailable, thanks to fill-in editors learning his content beforehand, ensuring non-stop content creation.

The collaboration with beCreatives has enabled Justin to focus on what he does best – creating impactful content while leaving the editing to skilled professionals. He appreciates the flexibility beCreatives offers in crafting custom plans to suit evolving needs and budgets, a feature that aligns with his growth as a content creator. Justin’s experience with beCreatives has been so positive that he looks forward to continuing this partnership, excited about the potential growth it promises for his content and channel.

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