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Sarah Dandashy

“beCreatives - hands down the best way to create consistent video content!

How beCreatives supported Sarah Dandashy to produce video content and land her first book deal.

Sarah Dandashy

Ask A Concierge

“Video content is king!” – says Sarah Dandashy, award-winning concierge, travel expert and book author, who joined beCreatives almost two years ago.

Sarah has seen the trend towards video content early and truly believes that video – is the best way to get your message across and build your brand. 

And she is totally right!

Since the collaboration with beCreatives, Sarah has started posting consistent video content on all major social media platforms and her follower count reached over 200k globally.


Her YouTube channel @AskAConcierge has been booming with views – averaging around 1.5k views per video and the channel’s total view count has grown by more than 200k since working with beCreatives.

Sarah’s Instagram account @Askaconcierge is verified and her follower count has increased over 50k and her Instagram reel videos are averaging around 15k views per video.



With a single Standard monthly plan, Sarah has completed over 100 videos together with her editor Ignas, who says that 



Ignas has built a great relationship with Sarah and has delivered high-quality videos that included engaging text animations, story-driven stock b-roll footage, beautiful transitions, captions and other engaging video elements.


And the success story of Sarah Dandashy doesn’t end there. 


She is making regular TV appearances on channels like ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox and shows like Good Day LA, Cheddar News, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Business Insider and more.



Also, with the help of beCreatives, Sarah has elevated her brand and landed her first book deal! 

Her book is called “Hospitality From Within” and it is an essential source for the foundation of what it takes to deliver thoughtful and genuine hospitality service. 


You can purchase her book here: 


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