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“Success from the very first video!

The story of how Jayme Washington has reached over 10,000 views with the first video edited by beCreatives

Jayme Washington


‘I was shocked!’ – said Jamie Washington, after her first video done together with beCreatives reached over 10,000 views in less than 72 hours.


Jamie Washington, a nationally recognized Digital Consultant in SEO and Content & Digital Media Marketing, joined beCreatives back in September, 2020. 

Before the collaboration, Jayme’s Instagram account’s  (@jaymewashington)  videos were averaging around 200 views per video.

Jamie’s audience was relying on her content on social media. It was her way to connect with people, build relationships, show trust, her experience and … sell her product. So she knew – in order to run, elevate her business and make a bigger impact – she needed to post consistent video content. 

Her success story started after she posted the first video done by beCreatives. Her dedicated video editor Karolis gave her tips on filming and positioning herself on camera and the views of her videos skyrocketed to around 10,000 views per video.



Jayme bonded not only with her editors, but she got really close to the whole team of beCreatives too. Jayme was amazed by the impact that beCreatives has on other businesses and said that “I love that you all share your amazing knowledge and wisdom not only with your clients but with the WORLD!”



Are you ready to see your views skyrocket to unseen numbers? Join beCreatives family and we will do our best to be a part of your success!

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