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“I went from 100K video views to 800K views in a week!”

Dr. Alex Tubio, a Youtube star and Houston based chiropractor joined beCreatives in May of 2022.

Alex Tubio


The Problem 

Before beCreatives, Tubio’s channel was struggling with editing consistency, getting mixed results with every video he uploaded.

When Alex was editing videos by himself, it would take him around 5 hours to edit one video. He would have to trade time with his family for video editing and he never had enough time to work on new content ideas, while also having a buildup of mental stress.

After some time Alex tried different freelance editors, but that would yield mixed results with each video while paying a lot of money for the work done.


“When Toma sent me the first video I was blown away, I thought “wow, I should have done this sooner!”


The Solution 

Dr. Alex Tubio, a Youtube star and Houston based chiropractor joined beCreatives in May of 2022.

Tubio started with one SCALE PLAN, but after the first edit, he upgraded to 3 PRO PLANS to cover each base of his social media presence. With 3-4 videos per day, Tubio never had a content problem and always had something to post for his fans.



The Results

When Tubio started working with beCreatives editor Toma, each video got up to 800 000 views per video. He’s also closing on 900 000 subscribers on Youtube, a drastic jump since the day that he became a client at beCreatives.

The quality of the videos increased dramatically. beCreatives editors added a lot of fine touches, while improving the pacing of the videos. Tubio loved beCreatives simple workflow and communication, with no need for emails. The new workflow increased the amount of quality content he could produce, that he never thought was possible.

Tubio says that joining beCreatives relieved him of so much stress and hassle in editing videos himself or working with different freelancers.

“Before I was averaging around 100k views with every video, but with beCreatives my views went from 100k to 400k and then to 800k!”

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If you want to experience the magic touch of Dr. Alex, you can book him here:

And of course, check out his youtube channel here:

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