“They transformed my business into a masterpiece!”

About a year ago I got into the e-learning sector and I really struggled to connect with other companies that can help me. Now that I found becreatives, when I am selling my mastercourse to parents of high school atheletes, not only are they watching a video that is professionaly done, they are watching a […]

beCreatives took social media editing burden off of our shoulders

We used to edit our client’s videos at least 2 hours a day. It was a drag when all we really wanted to do was connect with people. Once we found beCreatives and really got to connect with them and dive into who they were, that really took that social media editing burden off of […]

You produce amazing quality work

Lynn Allure is a content creator who caters to business-minded, millennial women looking to design, plan, and execute their dream life. Our team is extremely flattered to be working with Lynn! @lyn.allure

I am a big fan and I will keep recommending you guys!

Brian Johnson is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational thought leaders of his generation. Brian is a Talent producer in Hollywood and an Amazon #1 best-selling author, host, and inspirational speaker. As an in-demand speaker, Brian has shared his message in front of executives and entrepreneurs around the country. Brian’s webinars and coaching sessions […]

beCreatives is the best! Run, don’t walk to book them!

The GAARD Group shares a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Their collective education, experience, and insight have led them to become a world-class corporate leadership training company known globally for its innovative, effective teaching methods. GAARD Group

I needed a reliable editing company that I could trust.

Self-Hype is the premier social media community with a series of life and social media coaching programs dedicated to helping you take control of your life. “As a solo entrepreneur who has been expanding quickly, I needed a reliable editing company that I could trust. beCreatives is that company. I have been working with Toma […]

It is saving me a lot of time and effort when it comes to video content creation

Culture Greetings is an Atlanta based tech startup that allows consumers to pick a culturally relevant physical greeting card and write a personal note using handwriting fonts. Culture Greetings aspires to contribute inclusiveness, innovation and convenience to the social expression industry. We are so pleased to hear Dionne’s feedback: “I am very pleased with this […]

Is so reassuring to have an amazing team behind my brand.

Jasmine Williams says that: “You’re more resilient than you think you are. But if you’re anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level”. We are so happy with Jasmine trusting us to take video editing off her shoulders. “They edit our videos and keep the content flowing and […]

Karolina has a great eye in finding the funny!

Creating content and uploading it consistently can be challenging. Sometimes, there is no time to provide detailed request instructions to your editor, or the vision of final result can be unclear. We are more than happy that Manuel trusted us with this: “Karolina has a great eye in finding the funny! I run a podcast […]

They are lovely, efficient and great at what they do.

Alison Shamir, an ex-corporate Leader of 15 years (Tech & Media) Certified Coach & Entrepreneur has been with us for quite some time and was happy to share her insights about our services provided: “Working with the entire BeCreatives team has been a great experience.” @alisonshamir