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"I love that you all share your amazing knowledge and wisdom with not only your clients but with the WORLD!"

How a Super-mom/business mogul balances her life to help entrepreneurs build an online business they love.

Jayme Washington

Nationally Recognized Digital Consultant in SEO, Content Marketing & Digital Media Marketing

Jayme Washington finds passion in helping brands stand out in the crowd using SEO, social media, and web design strategies. “With more time on my hands I noticed entrepreneurs and small business owners putting up terrible looking IG posts that didn’t fit. I also noticed FB posts inconsistent with the companies branding, I see the wrong messaging, and MOST OF ALL I saw entrepreneurs working IN their business and not ON their business. I have finally decided to “take the leap”, and help my fellow entrepreneurs because I KNOW what it’s like.” We are more than flattered that Jayme choose us to be a part of her work!

Jayme Washington

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