This is Not Your Average TikTok Tips Guide!

Are you tired of the same old dance routines and flashy transitions flooding TikTok and Reels? This guide is your ultimate resource for creating short-form videos that stand out without the need for cringe-worthy dance moves.

Save time prepping for your next trending video.
Craft relatable, captivating content that follows trends.
Confidently batch record videos to stay on trend.


Create engaging content by building relationships through Talking Head Videos, sharing knowledge in Educational Series, repurposing interviews for Reels and TikToks, and utilizing Green Screen Effects to showcase questions, reviews, or comments.


Create Inspirational content by combining footage, text, and optional audio to deliver powerful messages. Produce Face Off (Tutorials, Tours) through overhead videos featuring audio and text. Utilize Green Screen Tutorials with effects for various engaging purposes.

THE HOOK, THE BODY, THE WTF? (Where to Focus Next)

Start strong with a hook in the first 1-3 seconds to grab viewer attention. Deliver value in the body of the video to keep them engaged. Guide viewers on where to focus next in a viewer-centric way for an optimal viewing experience.


Grab attention with engaging thumbnails. Use faces for connection, bold fonts for clarity. Plan for how the thumbnail appears in your profile.


Batch and be consistent. Maintain volume for optimal results. Keep lenses clean for clear videos. Utilize good lighting. Be confident, add minimal text, and create plot twists.

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