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Pro plan features

Same day Turnaround

Get the first draft the same day, so you can leave feedback or download the video asap.

Up to 5 reels / day

Plan ahead, post consistently eye-catching content and be visible on every platform resulting in more views, increase in watch-time and conversions.

Unlimited orders / revisions

Easily share any feedback with your editor with our super user-friendly tool

Dedicated Video Editor

Get a professional team of editors & online marketers, who will dedicate their time to know YOU and your BRAND.

Your Dedicated Video Editor

Get an experienced, passionate, and dedicated video editor for a flat monthly rate.

Imagine having a dedicated video editor who knows your brand, delivers video consistently, can pick up extra workload and is always available for a call or just a friendly chit-chat. Sounds too good to be true? Let us surprise you!


Save your precious time with up to 24hr video delivery

Start using services instantly after signing up and get unlimited orders / revisions of professional video editing with up to 24h turnaround!

We've Got You Covered

Any video format you can think of, we have it!
You name it...

Get your videos edited by a PRO to take your business to the next level.

Business growth

Custom content for Fortune 50 companies

Content created

>25 sets of courses in a year



Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any moment according to your needs.

Video Editing Monthly Subscription


Get high volume of videos done-well by your better than “in-house” editor


Save $600 when paid quarterly

Video Editing Monthly Subscription


Get medium volume of videos done-well
by your dedicated editor


Save $270 when paid quarterly

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Video Editing

Scale Planget started

Video editing


Unlimited orders / revisions

Dedicated video editor
Maximum length of the final video60 minutes60 minutes
TikToks / Instagram Reels / Youtube Shorts

same daymultiple per day
Turnaround estimate (up to 10 minutes)

up to 2 business dayssame business day
Turnaround estimate (up to 20 minutes)

up to 3 business dayssame business day
Turnaround estimate (up to 30 minutes)

up to 4 business daysup to 2 business days
Turnaround estimate (up to 60 minutes)

up to 5 business daysup to 3 business days
Turnaround time for re-edits

Up to 24 hoursUp to 24 hours
Engaging animations & motion graphics

Audio Enhancement

Resizing to different platforms

Stock Footage

Real-time collaboration with your editor on Slack

beCreatives Courses
Space Beta and Pro features
Camera LOG/RAW files editing

Color correction/grading

Brand accounts

Up to 2Unlimited

Raw footage per order

50 GB100 GB

first 14 daysfirst 14 days


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Frequently Asked Questions
It’s really simple! 👌
After you subscribe, you get access to our task management system and your editor is assigned within 24 hours. You can submit your video requests immediately after purchase. To ease the process, we have a pre-defined request form that is designed to save your time and provide all the necessary information for the editor to start working.
Turnaround time table is just a reference if your requests are average in complexity. True turnaround time will depend on many factors and you can get a better estimate from your editor and account manager once a few edits are done. Learn more…
As soon as your request is ready, you’ll receive an email notification to review and leave feedback on the first video. You can have as many reviews as you want, but keep in mind – we work on one video at the time.
When you feel satisfied with the video, you can mark it as “Confirmed” and download it at anytime. As soon as the video we’ve been working with is delivered, we will move to the next request to provide the most value while waiting for your feedback.


We have general estimates for videos based on their length. These estimates are intended as general guidelines. More complex edits will take more time, while simpler requests will take less time.
After a few edits, your editor or account manager can give you clearer estimates as they will already know the workload needed on your requests. You can also fasten the turnaround time as a client.
General Estimates (average complexity):
All estimates are dependent on the scope of a request, complexity or request details. Timelines may vary and are subject to the production team’s estimation, but we will deliver your requests as fast as possible, while maintaining the highest quality.
We offer a 14-day guarantee for all plans (first month only) and do not allow refunds after the 14th day of your subscription. From time to time, we may refuse a refund request if, at our sole discretion, we find evidence of fraud, refund abuse, or other manipulative behavior. Promotions, upgrades, add-ons, unused time and adjustments to existing plans are non-refundable.
If you wish to get a refund, just contact us within the first 14 days of your subscription.
To qualify for this guarantee you must:
– Provide us with clear direction during the editing process;
– Provide feedback to your editor during the editing process.
All of our editors study your content and can cut your footage and do other adjustments on their own accord. You do not need to provide timestamps (for ex. 01:23-03:47) for us when submitting a request.
However, if you are submitting your first or a particulartly complex request, we would recommend giving as many details and expectations as possible to ensure that everything is met from the get go. Once a few edits are done, your editor will no longer need as many details in your requests and will act on their own, saving your time.
If you still wish to provide a lot of details, scripts, things you want in the video – great! You will get a better turnaround time as it will take less time for your editor to deliver what you want.
Information that helps: What parts should be cut out, what style you want for captions, transitions or what overall look you’re expecting to get, which clips are for b-roll, which ones are the main body clips, how many videos you want from that footage, what are your keywords that you want highlighted, what are the words you want censored, what structure of the video you’re looking for, what are the specifics of your brand, what could be improved from the example, what are your turnaround expectations, what are the names of the speakers, what are some niche specific keywords, etc.


You will work with one dedicated editor. Our editors dedicate time to understanding the brands so that eventually, you will be able to upload content together with your indications and just let your editor do the magic so you can dedicate that extra time to what you have been wanting to do for days! 

Our editors are happy to jump on a call with you or chat in real-time.

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