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How to get a Creative Director?

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Step 1

Schedule a call​

Answer some questions about your business and social media channels

Step 2

Meet the Creative Director

Jump on the call with Creative Director who will present you the audit results and your video content strategy.

Step 3

Act & Progress

Implement the strategies in your social media channels and experience the growth! Schedule a follow-up call to evaluate your progress.
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"The call was incredibly informative and allowed me to better strategize in the areas that I was especially needing."

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By the end of the call with Creative Director you'll have...

Your Video Content Reviewed

Personalized 10+ page guide to understand your current video content situation and how to improve it.

Revision & Supervision

Video Strategy Plan

Clear vision of what video you should create next and actionable steps that can instantly be implemented.

Check Up Call After 30 days

A short call to review your improvements and answer any remaining questions.

Hey there, I'm Mykolas - Your Creative Director

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Included Add-ons:

  • Custom Engaging animations & motion graphics
  • Pre-made or custom video templates
  • Unlimited brand accounts
  • Color grading
  • Multi-cam editing
  • Subtitles/Captions
  • Resizing
  • Stock Footage
  • Thumbnails
  • Camera LOG/RAW files editing


* We edit on business days only.

** General estimate, the final amount depends on the complexity.

Personalised Video Strategy Consultation

Creative Director


For all entrepreneurs, creators and digital CEOs who aim to increase video views, engagement and conversions


Seems too good to be true? It is...

Real people Real businesses
Real results

All of it because of the Creative Director

Christopher Masi


That call was one of the best and most creative calls I have ever been on. Mykolas was very helpful and helped me think outside of the box when it comes to content creation. That call was the step in the right direction to becoming an excellent content creator! Thank you!

Billy Volkmann

Mykolas “got” my promotional social media project and my ideas very quickly. He is quick on his feet and I felt I was in good hands.

Luke Hammond

In all my years of working with people, it’s so refreshing to meet someone so dedicated to their niche that they carved time out of their day to help me better myself.  Not only does that mean a lot to me, the information Mykolas gave me was super helpful in helping me over my creative hurdles.  Can’t wait for my next call!

Alexander Myles

Just wrapped up a call with Mykolas, he’s been great. There were a lot of little details and nuances, things to do and not to do. Definitely very knowledgeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helps you get started with your video creation journey or can help you improve your current content to grow your audience and community.

We highly recommend speaking with our Creative Director if you have any of these:

  • If you are only starting or feel that your channels/socials are stuck
  • If you are out of ideas for content or need more ideas
  • If you want to learn how to make more great performing content and have more “winners” than “losers”
  • If you want to speed up your production and record more videos efficiently
  • If you feel that you want to improve your video recording quality and change your video structure.
  • If you need scripting and general storytelling advise
  • If you just want to hear a critical review of your content
  • If you want to reuse your content efficiently so it attracts audiences on all your platforms

Get beCreatives Creative Director to review your social media video content and share his solutions to what’s working for your niche + what’s not to take your account to the next level.

The audit includes:

  • All your video content reviewed
  • How to start creating more content that is engaging and valuable to your niche
  • Most common mistakes for those who are just starting up with their content and those who want to be more efficient and creative with it.
  • Video examples and actionable ideas for your niche
  • Ways to repurpose your current content
  • Script improvement ideas
  • All technical questions answered (best equipment for your budget, lightning, sound and visual improvements, batch recording, etc.)
  • 2 calls in total (1 follow-up calls to check in on the progress and adjust the strategy if needed

All of the key information is also sent to you in a presentation PDF file after the call.

In the Creative Director call ($399), you will get a special $100 off (first month) discount code for one new video editing subscription. The code is valid for a month. 

Mykolas will guide you and give tips to improve your video quality

Creative Director is also included in a video editing Pro plan, so all Pro plan users can use this feature for free.

As soon as you purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you can find a suitable time for you and schedule a call. You will also receive an email with all the neccessary information.

Yes, You can upgrade or cancel Your plan anytime. There is no commitment. Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Still have some questions?

Let’s jump on a free 15-minute video strategy jam session and find out if we are a good fit.