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Strategic Insights

Blend video expertise with market trends. Craft content that resonates and drives results.

Dedicated Editors:

Your own video professional, ready for real-time chats and aligned with your brand.

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Enhance your videos with stock footage, music, and graphics at no extra cost.

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Tailored videos for Instagram reels, TikTok content, Facebook stories, and more. Stand out on every platform.

Our Strengths

Expertise in Every Edit

Our seasoned team goes beyond the basics, ensuring each video surpasses industry standards and captivates your audience.

Tailored for Trends

Always ahead of the curve, we craft content that aligns with the latest social media trends, giving you a competitive edge.

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Get unparalleled value with our all-inclusive packages. No hidden costs or surprises, just top-notch service.

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Innovative Idea Library

Never run out of content ideas. Our curated Video Ideas Library ensures your content remains fresh, relevant, and engaging.

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Transform your vision into video effortlessly with our intuitive ordering system, designed for your convenience.

Results-Driven Approach

More than just edits; we strategize. Our videos aren’t just visually compelling – they’re designed to amplify your brand and achieve tangible results.

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“With beCreatives my video views went from 100k to 800k in a week!"

Hes also closing on 900 000 subscribers on YouTube, a drastic jump since the day he became a client at beCreatives. The quality of the videos increased dramatically. Tubio says that by hiring a video editor for YouTube relieved him of so much stress and hassle in editing videos himself or working with different freelancers.

Alex Tubio


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Unlimited video editing services

Offload your assets to us

Send us your footage and editing instructions in minutes.

Get your first draft in 1-2 business days

While we edit your video, you can finally put this time to better use.

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Share any feedback with your editor. Once you’re happy, we’ll start your next video.


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Every Video Editing Plan Includes

Stock Footage
Proof-Read Captions
Design Templates
Up to 9 Assets per Order
Submitting Instantly
Unlimited Brand Accounts
Friendly Customer Support

All Social Media Formats

Whichever platform you choose we deliver all social media formats:
square, vertical, horizontal (1×1, 4×5, 16×9, 9×16)

Hands down the best way to create consistent video content!

The biggest benefit of working with beCreatives has been the support so that I could produce consistent video content. Now, with so many people being at home on their devices, this is the best way to get your message across and to build your brand with consistent video content.

Sarah Dandashy

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Each video is exceptional. I now have time to grow my business in ways I never thought possible.

Elisamuel Vazquez



It is saving me a lot of time and effort when it comes to video content creation.

Dionne Mahaffey



It’s reassuring to have an amazing team behind my brand. They keep the content flowing!

Jasmine Williams



Each video is exceptional. I now have time to grow my business in ways I never thought possible.

Elisamuel Vazquez



It is saving me a lot of time and effort when it comes to video content creation.

Dionne Mahaffey



It’s reassuring to have an amazing team behind my brand. They keep the content flowing!

Jasmine Williams


Recent Work

Video content is the best way to engage your audience and build your brand. Unlimited video editing and creation mean the sky is the limit! Get explainer videos, video ads, and more — all cut, captioned, and styled by our professional video team. Here’s a selection of their most innovative work.

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Elevate Your Brand with Expert Video Editing Services

In an era dominated by dynamic digital content, the demand for specialized video editing services is skyrocketing. This demand has given rise to many companies offering these services. However, beCreatives stands apart as a distinguished video production company with a myriad of tailored solutions.

Every brand today yearns for a strong online presence, and platforms like YouTube are pivotal in this journey. At this juncture, professional YouTube editors are not just a want but a need. beCreatives offers not only experienced video editors for YouTube but also ensures that your content resonates with your target audience.

Diversification is key in today’s content-driven world. While YouTube video editing services remain a mainstay, the emergence of platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok has changed the game. To cater to these diverse needs, beCreatives has onboarded specialized video editors for Instagram Reels and expert TikTok editors. These professionals, with their unique skills, make sure your content is not just viewed but remembered.


Aiming to delve into the expansive world of video marketing?

Looking to hire a YouTube video editor? Or do you need a short form video editor for that catchy content? Look no further. Our video editing company provides a holistic solution. From unlimited video editing services to ensuring quality content repurposing, our offerings are vast and top-notch.

The video editing prices often deter many brands from opting for professional services. With beCreatives, that’s a concern of the past. Our monthly video editing service is designed to give you the best without burning a hole in your pocket. Questions like how much is video editing per hour become irrelevant with our value-packed offerings.
Real estate is another domain where visuals play an instrumental role. Our specialized real estate video editor team ensures that every property is showcased in its full glory, attracting potential buyers and ensuring quick closures.

The age of remote work

In the age of remote work, we also offer remote video editors who are well-versed with the nuances of video editing, ensuring your brand’s voice is consistent and clear across all pieces of content. Our video editing and production team guarantees content that not only looks good but also aligns perfectly with your brand’s messaging.

With the proliferation of video content, repurposing video content has become essential. A stellar video on YouTube can be transformed into engaging TikTok snippets or Instagram Reels, ensuring the maximum reach for every piece of content. This is another area where beCreatives truly shines.

Why restrict your stellar video to one platform? The concept of repurposing video content is where beCreatives excels. Our adept team can transform your YouTube videos into catchy TikTok snippets or Instagram Reels, amplifying the reach and impact of every content piece.

Moreover, for those who are wary of the prices, our video editing day rate and monthly video editing service ensure transparency and affordability. Questions about how much is video editing per hour become obsolete with our comprehensive packages.

beCreatives - Your partner ir success

Our aim is not just to be another video editing services company but to be your partner in success. Our subscription video editing model ensures brands have a consistent stream of quality content, making concerns over video editing prices a thing of the past.

Our commitment is reflected in our work, and our client testimonials vouch for it. From transforming video views to easing brands of their editing woes, our comprehensive video editing services company has showcased its commitment to excellence time and again.

In conclusion, in the bustling domain of digital content, ensuring your brand’s voice is heard loud and clear requires more than just creating videos. It’s about crafting stories, understanding the dynamic digital landscape, and most crucially, partnering with the best in the business. Dive deep into the world of beCreatives, avail our unparalleled video editing services, and propel your brand to unparalleled heights. Your vision combined with our expertise is the recipe for unmatched success.